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Example of an Hygion Sweeper

Meet the RAVO HYGiON

As a pioneer in the sweeping branch and being aware of the growing fine dust issues cities are facing, RAVO takes responsibility by finding innovative solutions to reduce fine dust. We proudly introduce you the RAVO HYGION. This model is equipped with the unique and patented SAIGA Particle system which has been tested and approved by TÜV Germany. The SAIGA particle system captures PM10 and PM2.5 from the airflow of the machine by positive ionisation. It is safe for operators and, unlike conventional filters, it does not affect the sweeping performance in anyway. This video shows the working principle of the SAIGA Particle System.

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  • Ravo Hygion
  • Ravo Hygion

Fine Dust

Fine dust is not visible to the human eye and exists out of Particulate Matters (PM). It can come in almost any shape or size, and can be solid particles or liquid droplets. Particles can be divided into two major groups which differ in many ways. The coarse particles or PM10 are created through the crushing and grinding of rocks and soil, and then blown by wind. The fine particles or PM2.5 are created through driving automobiles, burning plants smelting and processing metals. Particle matter pollution has become a growing issue for cities worldwide and can be hazardous for our health.

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